Reform Cham Island Project

ReForm aims to eliminate waste from entering the environment (especially oceans) and create jobs for bottom-of-the-pyramid workers by integrating low-value, generally unrecycled plastic waste into the recycling value chain. In doing so, ReForm looks to transition waste management on Cham Island (and Hoi An) from the current linear process into a circular waste model.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth12. Responsible Consumption and Production14. Life below Water1. No Poverty9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Environment (Cham Island) : The adverse environmental impacts of waste spans from the landfill through to the forest area and the marine ecosystem surrounding Cham Island.
  • Hoi An Government : Cham Island (Tan Hiep commune) is managed by the Hoi An city People's Committee. Any decision relating to waste management from Hoi An Government directly influences the island. With 2,000 inhabitants and up to 3,000 daily visitors, Hoi An Government is under high pressure in the waste-related issues. Together with Hoi An local government, ReForm would create a business collection program in Hoi An mainland to mitigate the pressure on current waste management infrastructure.
  • ReForm Staff : The ReForm Center will create jobs for 5-10 local workers who in some cases are waste pickers. This job will provide stable income and and security. The workers will be trained along the value chain in roles including sorting, processing, production, R&D, product development and distribution.
  • Informal Waste Workers Hoi An : The informal waste workers are a vital part of our material recovery process. To work with these beneficiaries, we first provide simple training on the ReForm model and material requirements. After the training, the project will trade the materials recovered by them. As this material is typically not traded, this provides them with an additional income stream supporting their livelihood.
  • Cham Island Community : The inhabitants of Cham Island have been trained in source separation, but processes for the sustainable use and handling of these waste streams are still not accessible, and "unrecylable" low-value plastic continues to pollute their home.

Our actions

Establishing ReForm Center on the mainland
Recruiting and training ReForm staff on waste management and ReForm processes
Collecting high- and low-value plastic waste from Cham Island waste workers to be manufactured into consumer products
Researching and developing new ReForm materials and products
Supporting Cham Island's source separation and waste handling programs, including with residents
Converting Cham Island landfill (gradually) into an organic waste processing site
Number of new material composites developed
Target: 5
Collection period: 2020
Number of ReForm staff trained in waste management
Target: 25
Collection period: 2020
Number of consumers buying ReForm products
Collection period: 2020
Number of ReForm Centers established
Target: 1
Collection period: 2020
Number of ReForm collection points established
Target: 2
Collection period: 2020
Amount of plastic waste collected at ReForm Center
20 228
Collection period: 2020

Our outcomes

New jobs created in waste sector
Cham Island residents have greater awareness of plastic waste problem and are better able to separate and manage plastic waste
High- and low-value plastic waste diverted from Cham Island landfill
ReForm products manufactured
Cham Island landfill no longer receives inorganic waste (including plastic)
Organic waste converted into compost and other product(s)
Cham Island residents' level of confidence in ability to separate plastic
Collection period: 2020
1 - Not at all confident in waste separation ability0% (0 of 90 responses)
22% (2 of 90 responses)
321% (19 of 90 responses)
464% (58 of 90 responses)
5 - Extremely confident in waste separation ability12% (11 of 90 responses)
Amount of plastic waste recovered from Cham Island landfill
1 000
Collection period: 2020
Number of total ReForm staff currently employed
Target: 10
Collection period: 2020
Amount of plastic separated and collected at the Cham Island household level
Collection period: 2020
Amount of plastic waste reformed (i.e. converted into consumer product) (kg)
13 000
Collection period: 2020

Our impacts

Waste management transitioned towards a closed-loop system, and inspires other waste initiatives
Health and livelihoods of Cham Island waste workers and residents, and ReForm staff is improved
Health of marine and terrestrial environment surrounding Cham Island is improved
Waste workers stating they think their work positively contributes to society
Collection period: 2020
1 - Much worse0% (0 of 25 responses)
20% (0 of 25 responses)
316% (4 of 25 responses)
416% (4 of 25 responses)
5 - Much better68% (17 of 25 responses)
Area inhabitants’ perception about the state of ecosystem pollution levels on Cham Island
Collection period: 2020
1 - Not at all polluted43% (47 of 110 responses)
245% (49 of 110 responses)
36% (7 of 110 responses)
45% (5 of 110 responses)
5 - Extremely polluted2% (2 of 110 responses)
Cham Island residents' perception of their health in relation to pollution
Collection period: 2020
1 - I don't have any health issues related20% (5 of 25 responses)
212% (3 of 25 responses)
352% (13 of 25 responses)
412% (3 of 25 responses)
5 - My health is very affected by pollution4% (1 of 25 responses)
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